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Flexible people, flexible technology

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Our many services are backed by rigorous business processes, dedicated teams, and the latest technology. When it comes to travel assistance, CanAssistance holds some of the highest quality standards.

Our capacity to deliver essential assistance to our clients is due to the flexibility of our software and the ability of our teams to adapt to the specific needs of individual clients.

Our case managers benefit from extensive training, both when they’re hired and later in continuing education sessions, so they’re always up to speed on the latest travel assistance practices and insurance products.

Our promise

Our mission is to offer travel, general, and health assistance services that are of the highest quality. Guided by our corporate values, our team is encouraged to provide efficient and transparent communication, establish user-friendly processes, utilize high‑performance technology, and above all, provide personalized, empathetic customer service.

Our excellent reputation is built on our quality-focused approach. We optimize our workflows and use all necessary resources available while responsibly managing costs. Here’s how we do it:

Monitor key indicators in real time

Protect personal information

Measure client satisfaction

Continually improve our processes

Train our team members and evaluate their performance

Client testimonials

Read about our clients’ experiences, in their words.

You made me feel like a princess! My husband and I both received warm and professional service—I couldn’t have asked for more.
I’m writing to thank you for the moral and financial support you provided during our last trip. Your staff was professional and empathetic, and that was immensely helpful and reassuring. Thanks to you, my husband is on the road to a full recovery. Great service, I’m glad to say, and reliable, too.
During a trip abroad, I had to be hospitalized and had medical complications. With all the stress and worry, you handled my case in a very efficient and professional way. You made sure I received proper care and did everything you could to get me back to Canada safely, accompanied by medical personnel.
My wife and I both send you our sincere and heartfelt thanks.
I was very nervous before I called, but you were immediately reassuring and took charge of the situation in an appropriate way—quite the feat, as it was a sudden death and very distressing. You were very caring and efficient. I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding service.
We’d like to thank your staff for their great work. We were dealing with a language barrier, so your help was crucial. By finding us a doctor and handling the medical bills, your team provided the assistance and reassurance we needed.