See our FAQ for quick answers to your questions.

If you receive a bill:

Even though providers are asked to send invoices directly to CanAssistance, they may still send them to you. Please do not make any payments directly to the service provider unless we instruct you to do so.  Simply send it online via our secure website and we will add it to your file for review. Make sure to complete and sign a claim form, even if you haven’t paid the bill.

Currency of your reimbursement:

All expenses are reimbursed in Canadian dollars. If you paid a bill in a foreign currency, please include proof of payment, such as a bank statement, where the exchange rate is specified. Otherwise, the exchange rate for the date of the service will apply.

If you receive a call from a collections agency:

If you receive a call about a bill, don’t worry: it doesn’t mean that your claim has been denied. Many service providers in the U.S. outsource billing and collection. You can simply refer the caller to our Customer Service for travel claims. Please don’t make any payments to the service provider directly unless we instruct you to do so.

If you have additional insurance coverage:

If you’re covered by more than one travel insurance policy, indicate this on your claim form. We will work with your other insurer to coordinate your benefits as needed, and all eligible expenses will be fully reimbursed. Many credit cards offer insurance programs; the first few digits of your card number will allow us to check for you what benefits are covered.

Our standard processing time:

Your claim will be reviewed as quickly as possible once we’ve received the required documents. The following situations may increase the time it takes us to process your claim:

  • An incomplete claim form or missing documents
  • Delayed or lacking detailed invoice
  • Delayed or lacking medical information

Filing a claim:

Click on the icon at the top of this page corresponding to the type of claim you wish to submit in order to download and complete the appropriate claim form. Each form includes a list of the required supporting documents, which we invite you to scan and submit online via our secure website. We reserve the right to request the original documents or additional information if needed up to one year from the date of submission. Please keep a copy of your supporting documents for your records.