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Welcome to the page dedicated to Beneva's insureds.
Beneva inc. was created by the coming together of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance.


To submit a claim for fees covered by your travel insurance, identify the type of benefit for which you wish to claim (emergency medical care, trip cancellation or interruption) and read the instructions.

Travel medical insurance
Trip cancellation or interruption

Step1 - Ensure ALL supporting documentation is attached:

Letter detailing your version of the events that led to the claim

Original purchase invoice (travel agency, transport, Internet)

Electronic ticket(s)

Proof of payment (e.g.: credit card statement that shows the transaction, copy of the cashed cheque, etc.)

Based on the event that caused the claim:

« Attending physician’s declaration – Cancellation benefit » form duly completed and signed by the attending physician of the injured or ill person OR;

Detailed medical report from the attending physician abroad that justifies the necessity to interrupt or extend the trip OR;

Documentary evidence that confirms the reason for the trip cancellation/ interruption or delayed return (e.g.: police report, death certificate, letter from the airline company, damage report. etc.)

Step 3 - Send the completed forms and all other required documents online via our secure website:

Online via our secure website: Submit documents online