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SSQ Insurance


To submit a claim for fees covered by your travel insurance, identify the type of benefit for which you wish to claim (emergency medical care, trip cancellation or interruption, or baggage) and read the instructions.

Travel medical insurance
Trip cancellation or interruption
  1. Download and read carefully the following document: Important notice.
  2. Download the form(s) associated with your home province and print it/them. If more than one covered person has received medical care, one form per person insured is required.
  3. Duly complete and sign the form(s).
  4. Attach all relevant originals and detailed supporting documents after having made copies for your personal records.


Travel insurance claim form

Travel insurance claim form

New Brunswick
Travel insurance claim form

Newfoundland and Labrador
Travel insurance claim form
NL – Out-of-country claim form

Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan
Travel insurance claim form

Travel insurance claim form
Alberta Out-of-country claim form
Alberta Consent form

British Columbia
Travel insurance claim form
British Columbia Out-of-country claim form
Schedules A and B BC*
* Attention: Do not print this document double-sided.

Travel insurance claim form
Manitoba Out-of-country claim form

Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
Travel insurance claim form

Important : Health services departments from the three territories require that their residents submit first to their public health-care program. Once your reimbursement from the government is received, you can then submit your claim to your private insurance, including proof of the governmental reimbursement.

  1. Download and read carefully the document: Important notice.
  2. Download the claim form “Cancellation form CanAssistance” and print one copy per covered person under the contract.
  3. Duly complete and sign the form.
  4. If cancellation is due to a medical condition, download and print the document “Attending Physician Form” and have it completed by your treating doctor.


Please note that all claims must include:
* Duly completed and signed claim forms;
* Relevant originals and detailed supporting documents,
and has to be mailed to the address indicated on the form;
Only original documents are accepted and they will not be returned. Please, make copies for your personal files.