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If you are currently travelling please visit the section If you need travel assistance since some expenses need to be pre-approved by the insurer.

Here’s how to file your claim for emergency medical care:

Complete the claim form(s) and sign where indicated

  • If more than one person received care, you’ll need to complete a claim form for each person.
  • If the claim involves a person who is a minor, the policyholder or legal guardian must sign the form.

Attach all original, detailed invoices


  • Include any additional relevant documents from the service provider, such as medical reports and lab results.
  • Photocopies, facsimiles, and photographs are not accepted. You must send the original documents.
  • Invoices for medical care must show the diagnosis and treatment.
  • Valid proof of payment may include a credit card statement or proof of a deposited cheque, and the currency in which the service was paid must be shown. In the absence of a bank or credit card statement, a receipt may be accepted.

Make copies of all submitted documents for your files, as they will not be returned

Send the completed forms and all other required documents by mail to:

Quebec :
Travel Claims Department
1981, McGill College Avenue, Suite 400
Montreal, Quebec  H3A 2W9

Ontario :
Travel Claims Department
P.O. Box 4439, Station A
Toronto, Ontario  M5W 3Z4

You can send your claim online via our secure website :