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Here’s how to file your claim for emergency medical care:

Complete the claim form(s) and sign where indicated

  • If more than one person received care, you’ll need to complete a claim form for each person.
  • If the claim involves a person who is a minor, the policyholder or legal guardian must sign the form.

Attach all original, detailed invoices


  • Include any additional relevant documents from the service provider, such as medical reports and lab results.
  • Photocopies, facsimiles, and photographs are not accepted. You must send the original documents.
  • Invoices for medical care must show the diagnosis and treatment.
  • Valid proof of payment may include a credit card statement or proof of a deposited cheque, and the currency in which the service was paid must be shown. In the absence of a bank or credit card statement, a receipt may be accepted.

Make copies of all submitted documents for your files, as they will not be returned

You can send your claim online via our secure website :